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Are you in search of individual team wear?

Discover the perfect blend of functionality, a custom design featuring colors that seamlessly align with your brand, and the placement of your logo – all tailored to your specifications.


Welcome to our world!  We specialize in crafting outerwear that caters to your unique preferences and requirements. Say goodbye to ordinary shopping and embrace a smarter approach! Our premium outdoor clothing not only meets all your mountain needs with its advanced features but also stands out for its sustainability, durability, timeless style, and superior quality.

Elevate your outdoor experience with us!

team Professional catalogue '23/24

How does it work?

  1. You find our current collection to choose from.
  2. Our collection includes padded jacket and pants, hard shell jacket and pants and ski club suits for kids and adults, under jackets as well as accessories and mountain gear.
  3. Additionally we provide “color-samples” as an inspiration. The products invite you to place your logo on each jacket.
  4. Our specially created fabrics offer you safety, durability, breathability and color resistance - but please find further details in the catalogue about our technology we use.
  5. We are happy to design YOUR customised design - please contact us directly. 

Design your Teamwear here:



keeping you warm when cold & cold when warm


The stretchable fabric supports your body movement and gives you comfortable fitting. 

Full Seam Sealing

Maximize the water resistance, by preventing to minimize the infiltration of water from the seam.  


Special lamination film guarantees breathability to fullfill all the requirements for active sports.  


Helps reduce waste by using recyled materials 

OUr teamwear '21/22 in action