We keep you warm in harsh climate since 1962

Onyone Europe

If your looking for unique, functional outerwear that keeps you dry and warm in alpine area, but still allows you to move and is light - you are right here.

Discover the eternal beauty of the mountains with your customized teamline or our shopline for teams, athletes, workers and enjoyers. 

Our passion to develop new technologies and improve our outerwear for the world of sport and workers in harsh climate keeps burning since 1962. 

Team OUterwear


We produce functional, long-lasting, high quality and individual snowsport team apparel to keep you warm in harsh climate. We are one of the leading company developing functional technologies for outerwear.

About us

ONYONE story

We are sharing the story behind the innovation of ONYONE. Read how everything started in 1962. It all started with a young creative man, that dreamed about not being wet and freezing during work in harsh climate.

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